Hymnia's conductor

Flemming Windekilde
Flemming Windekilde received his education at the Musicology Department of the University of Copenhagen as well as in the conductors' class at the Royal Danish Music Conservatory by the professors Dan-Olof Stenlund, Arne Hammelboe and Jorma Panula, among others.

Flemming Windekilde is a widely experienced conductor: Concord Brass band (1987 to 1989), The Young Academics' Choir (since 1988), Aalborg Symphony Orchestra, Storstrøm County's Chamber Ensemble, Athelas and the vocal group Ars Nova. In addition, he works regularly with the Radio Chamber Choir and conducts choirs on both Skt Annæ Gymnasium and The University of Copenhagen.

Furthermore, Flemming Windekilde has also conducted several musical dramatic performances, among others Soap Opera by T.S Høeg, Videooratorium by the artist group Holland House, Bent Lorentzen's Tristan Variationer, and Gudruns 4. Sang (Gudrun's fourth Song), which was one of the greatest stage productions in Copenhagen during the Kulturby '96 arrangement. Flemming Windekilde has been the conductor of Kammerkoret Hymnia since its formation in 1983.